Good divorce attorneys can be expensive (heck, even lousy attorneys can cost you plenty). 

Paying an attorney a retainer up front, and then paying by the hour creates uncertainty (in already uncertain times) for most people who are going through divorce.  That's why we offer Select Services℠ flat fees.

Select Services℠ make top-tier legal services easier to predict, to understand, to control, and to pay for.

Select Services℠ offers the same premier legal services we offer hourly-fee clients, but:

  • You know the fixed cost in advance, before you pay.

  • You control what services you want and when.   You and your budget control the lawyer, not the other way around.

  • No huge deposits or retainers. 

  • No more being at the mercy of your lawyer's billing.  No more waiting a month or more for an invoice and experiencing shock and terror when you open it.

Let's talk.  Click here to set an appointment with us.  We can meet with you in person, talk over the phone, or by video conference.

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